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Mike Bickle has been leading the International House of Prayer (IHOP) in Kansas City since its inception in 1999. Prior to that he was senior pastor of Metro Christian Fellowship, which was previously known as Metro Vineyard. Mike has a gift for focusing on intimacy with God. He draws deeply from many of the Biblical stories, sharing from a fresh perspective.

This is Mike’s first book, originally published in 1993. It set him apart as one who focused on the heart and personality of God. This was not only a pioneering book, but one that two decades later is still a valuable book to read.

Brent Bill is the first author that I remember reading who wrote trying to represent a Quaker perspective. I do remember reading Richard Foster’s “Celebration of Discipline” soon after becoming a follower of Jesus, and I think I was aware that Richard Foster was Quaker, but I don’t think there was anything about his book that was distinctly Quaker. After reading Brent Bill’s book, I realized that much of what I do in terms of listening to God is very compatible with the practice of Quakers. Reading his book, in fact, not only taught me much about prayer and about listening to God, but it also made me more interested in reading other Quaker authors. And that led me to read a classic book by Thomas Kelley, which I would also highly recommend.

John is the pastor of Gateway Church in Austin, Texas. While “No Perfect People Allowed” is primarily about how they create a culture of grace in Gateway Church, and therefore helpful to pastors and other leaders who want to make that part of their culture, this book is extremely helpful to any Christian who wants to learn to walk a life of grace toward other people. John has many helpful insights, such as God being at work in people’s lives and being primarily responsible for their transformation; and the need to allow unchurched people time to process all of the new things they are learning about God and life with God.

After writing the review and praising “No Perfect People Allowed” so highly, I was pleased to discover that John Burke wrote a brand new book (in 2013). And upon reading the book, realized that this was a must-read book! I have been trying to get every follower of Jesus to read it! John studied very carefully the attitudes that Jesus carried about people and compared them to the attitudes the Pharisees had about people. Unfortunately, it turns out that many sincerely dedicated Christians in churches have taken on the attitudes of the Pharisees. John helps us all learn to shift our attitudes back to that of Jesus, so that people will have a greater chance of witnessing our loves and wanting to follow Jesus.

I’ve probably read more books by John Eldredge than for anyone else, because he probably speaks to me better than any other author I know. The picture to the left shows him with his wife, Stasi, with whom he co-wrote “Captivating” and “Love and War”. My favorite book of his is “Waking the Dead”, which I have read probably five times now. “Waking the Dead” focuses on an intimate walk with God, and God’s desire to revive your heart so that you can become all that God created you to be.

“Sacred Romance” was the intellectual predecessor of “Waking the Dead”, though by no means an inferior product. I highly recommend it, especially if you really were ministered to by “Waking the Dead”. Many of the ideas about intimacy with God and God’s desire for reviving our hearts appear here. Brent Curtis, the lead author and John’s writing partner and friend, died in a tragic accident not long after this book was published.

This is one of my favorite books! In it, John Eldredge endeavors to be as transparent as possible about his own talking and listening to God. His purpose is to mentor the reader in being able to learn to hear God for himself or herself. I think he does a magnificent job. I felt very affirmed in this book, and learned much in the process. John’s heart is full of grace, and so he helps us hear from the God of grace.

This book was written for women… I know, I’m not supposed to read books written for women, but I LIKE John Eldredge a lot, and all of my female friends who read the book raved about it, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt too much if I read it too. After reading it, realized that I like his wife, too! Far be it from me to tell women how to be women, so I really don’t know if this book speaks to women universally (I suspect it doesn’t, but to those that it does speak to, it can be powerful). I think at the very least it challenges women to see themselves differently and to embrace the way that God made each one of them, so that they can impact their world the way that God intended them to.

Francis Frangipane comes in a close second to John Eldredge when it comes to an author whose books I devour! I like so many of his books that it is hard to pick a favorite. Francis is a deep thinker and a now retired pastor. He always challenges me to go deeper with God, to trust God more than I do now, and to forsake the things of this world. “And I Will Be Found on You” is a wonderful book that challenges us to seek God’s face, and gives us helpful insights as to how to succeed.

This book focuses on developing a deeper reliance on God, including helping us learn to understand better the ways of God in our lives.

This is my favorite book by Francis Frangipane! It focuses on the issue of developing an intimacy with God, allowing God to change us and make us more like Jesus. This is one of those books that can bring good fruit by re-reading every few years.

This book is excellent! It talks about the days we are in during which God’s presence is going to be more manifest than it has in the past. It talks about our attitudes for growing in and experience God’s presence in our lives. It is very biblically based and draws on some of my favorite verses that speak of intimacy with God.

This book includes information on spiritual warfare as well as helping the reader transform one’s thinking so as not to let the devil have room to manipulate us.

Madame Jeanne Guyon was a French mystic who lived between 1648 and 1717. She wrote several books explaining her faith and how she talked to God, including this one, “Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ”. She rights very deeply yet simply, and I found what she shares to be helpful in learning to hear God speaking to me. She was imprisoned many years for her faith. She defended the idea of salvation by grace, and believed strongly in learning to commune with God continually. She influenced another great writer of her day, Bishop Francois Fenelon.

Brennan Manning was a Catholic priest and prolific Christian writer who changed the lives of many by his insistent and deeply felt writings on God’s radical grace and love. “The Ragamuffin Gospel” is perhaps his most influential book and one of the earlier ones. I was certainly challenged and strengthened by reading this book. Brennan recently passed away in April 2013 at the age of 78.

Donald Miller is able to look through to the heart of matters, whether to see through the outer shell of people, or through the outward appearance of the Church. Through his insight, we are made better, and the Church is made better. It is not easy to find tidbits to quote from “Blue Like Jazz”, since each of Miller’s ideas seem to extend over many pages, we have nonetheless been successful in encapsulating some of what we think are the best.

Andrew Murray was a South African pastor who ministered mostly in the latter half of the 19th century. He was a prolific writer, who authored 240 books during his lifetime. I have benefited greatly from “The Master’s Indwelling”, which speaks about developing an intimate relationship with God. Because he died almost a century ago, many of his books have been converted to text and can be downloaded for free.

Download this book for free.

Compiled and edited by Wendy Wilson Greer

Henri Nouwen (1932-1996) was a Catholic priest and university professor and prolific author. His writings focused on both the heart and spirituality. “The Only Necessary Thing” is a brilliant compilation of his writings on prayer from his many publications, with a “bravo” to Wendy Wilson Greer for doing such an amazing job. It is a treasure for all those who desire greater intimacy with God, and the more I look it over, the more I realize that it may be the single most helpful book I have read on prayer.

With Michael J. Christensen and Rebecca J. Laird

From the book description: “Henri Nouwen… understood the spiritual life as a journey of faith and transformation that is deepened by accountability, community, and relationships. Though he counseled many people during his lifetime, his principles of spiritual direction were never written down… Two of his longtime students, Michael Christensen and Rebecca Laird, have taken his famous course in spiritual direction and supplemented it with his unpublished writings to create the definitive work on Nouwen’s thoughts on the Christian life.”

Henri Nouwen writes about how the story of the prodigal son transformed him, and intertwines his experiences and thoughts coming from his close up viewing of Rembrandt’s “Prodigal Son” painting.

Hannah Whitall Smith (1832-1911) was an influential writer and speaker in the Holiness and Higher Life Movements, brought to faith in God and to a personal revival through the influence of the Plymouth Brethren and then Methodist Revivalists. This book is more than a century old (published in 1875) but is a real gem! I’ve read it four times already. I recommend chapters 4 and 8 for a focus on trusting God and thanking Him in all things; chapter 11 for learning about discerning God’s will; chapter 16 for passionate writing expressing the love from us to God, and sharing in more detail God’s passionate love for us; and chapter 22 for a great summary and invitation.

Download MS Word Edition. Because the copyright is expired, you can download it for free. I downloaded the text file from ccel.org, which is a website that makes available many of the classic Christian books over the past two thousand years.

This book focuses on the issue of trusting God. Its main challenge to the reader is to believe what the Bible says about what God will do for each one of us.

It is a little awkward writing about oneself, but on reading the book that I wrote, discovered things that seemed to be helpful for me to remember, and therefore helpful for others, as well. This book is a devotional as well as a commentary on the book of Ephesians, and it speaks a lot about God’s love and living a grace-filled life. It has many ideas about how to grow in intimacy with God.

A. W. Tozer (1897-1963) was a pastor with the Christian and Missionary Alliance who ministered in several cities, though the bulk of his career was spent in Chicago. He was a gifted writer, and a man with a heart for intimacy with God, who was writing and ministering in a time when few were pointing to a need to draw near to God. This book has many invaluable insights.

I love the devotionals written by Sarah Young! They are based on her spiritual journals which she recorded through the years to keep a record for herself of her times of praying, talking and listening to God. Many of the insights have been gleaned during challenging times as a counselor and missionary. “Jesus Calling” was her first published devotional, which became so popular among it’s readers that the demand grew for additional devotionals. What I find most helpful in this one are the insights on how to grow deeper in intimacy with God, and the encouraging words shared about how God feels about us. I find these words to be very consistent with the Bible, and in fact she includes relevant Bible verses after each devotional.

William P. Young grew up in a missionary family in Papua New Guinea, where he received some severe hurts which he carried with him into adulthood. After a crisis moment, he was forced to reevaluate his faith. This book is a result of his soul searching, and from his wife encouraging him to write something for their six children in order to share his perspectives on God and on the inner healing he had experienced. He printed just 15 copies of his book. Two of his close friends encouraged him to have it published. “The Shack” is a story about a tragedy and how God intervenes in the life of Mack, the protagonist, to bring healing. What I like is the author’s perception of what God is like, and the dialogue which comes out of those beliefs. It is heart-warming and uplifting!

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