You are Foolish if You Do Ministry and Neglect Intimacy — A Quote by Antonio Baldovinos in “Relentless Pursuit”

“In the busyness of our lives, many things distract, deter, and pull for our attention and affections. In the parable of the wise and foolish virgins (see Matt. 25:1-13), we see the emphasis on the need to have a continual, recurrent cultivation of our relationship with Jesus. In this parable we must heed the warning not to become one of the ‘foolish’ virgins by neglecting to cultivate intimacy with God… The foolish took their lamps, which represent ministry; yet they took ‘no oil.’ They pursued ministry to people instead of acquiring and maintaining the oil of intimacy with God… The wise virgins ‘took oil’ in their lamps, as well as the vessels themselves. The ‘oil’ speaks of the presence of God that touches our hearts. So, we see that the wise virgins also did ministry, yet they maintained the oil of intimacy…”

“We are exhorted to go and buy oil for ourselves. This is a costly process that no one else can do for us. We cannot have someone else’s intimacy with God. We cannot earn this; yet there is a price to pay. The question is: How do you buy oil? The answer is you invest your time. It takes time to minister to Him to obtain your own oil. The reward far outweighs anything we could ask, think, or imagine. What we are searching for to satisfy all our inner longings is found in one thing: true intimacy.”

— Antonio Baldovinos, “Relentless Pursuit”, Kindle locations 219-234

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