Words to Try to Communicate the Goodness of God — A Quote by John Burke in “Mud and the Masterpiece”

“Love, adoption, security, stress-free living, burden-free responsibility, joy from within, a soulful peace, worth, value, and guidance from his ever-present Spirit lead us into overflowing Life, and forgiveness from all sin and freedom from all condemnation too! That’s the Life in God’s kingdom we invite people into! We’re not selling fire insurance to keep people out of hell; we’re inviting people into Life with God as his children, and of course none of his children will ever be cast out. You can’t overcommunicate God’s goodness. But you ought to try!”

“God created you for himself—for a love relationship with your Creator. You can’t even imagine the extent of God’s great love for you. He’s the Source of love, and he’s the Source of every good thing you’ve ever experienced—that’s reality! There’s nothing good you’ve experienced that didn’t come from God. He wants to lead you into the life we are all searching for—a life of love, joy, peace, and purpose. It doesn’t come from the outside, but from the inside. It’s something God produces within us as we do life with him. And it’s not just about you. He wants to lead you to learn how to truly love other people with his kind of love. But here’s the thing: He doesn’t force his will or ways on you. You must be willing.”

— John Burke, “Mud and the Masterpiece”, Kindle location 2104, 2149

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