Time with God is an Investment that Will Yield a Good Return — A Quote by Joyce Meyer in “Knowing God”

“I believe the whole issue of intimacy with God is a matter of time. We say we don’t have time to seek God, but we take time to do the things that are the most important to us. ‘I’m busy’ can be an excuse. We all have to fight distraction every day to protect our time to seek God. He is the most important requirement in our lives, so why doesn’t He have the place of importance in our time? Perhaps it’s because when we start making a spiritual investment, we want instant gratification. But to seek God means to continue looking for Him.”

“We won’t experience instant gratification. We must sow before we reap; we must invest before we get a return. In other words, we must lose before we gain; we must give up time before we can experience intimacy with God.”

— Joyce Meyer in “Knowing God”, p 12

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