Prophetic Evangelism Calls Out Gold in People — A Quote by Chris Overstreet in, “A Practical Guide to Evangelism — Supernaturally”

“God created greatness in every person. But sometimes our past dirt (mistakes) determines how we see ourselves. But God does not focus on our dirt. Prophetic individuals have the opportunity to call out the gold (greatness) in a person’s life when all that is visible to the natural eye is dirt (mistakes)… When people hear about how God sees them, it opens up their heart to hear more. Prophetic evangelism is about communicating the heart of the Father to His children. This revelation of God’s heart builds a natural hunger in people to want to know more about Him… Prophetic evangelism should be motivated by love and honor and should bring edification, exhortation, and comfort to people. Most people out in the community will not understand what prophetic evangelism is. But everyone knows what an encouraging word is. Our job is to bring encouragement and life to the world around us.”

— Chris Overstreet, “A Practical Guide to Evangelism — Supernaturally”, Kindle location 1533, 1557, 1571

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