Pray for the Church and the Nation — A Quote by Francis Frangipane in “The Days of His Presence”

“All prophecies shall be fulfilled: not only those concerning evil but also those concerning righteousness. The Lord has purposed to have a ‘bride without spot or wrinkle’ and a ‘kingdom’ of wheat without tares. The transformation of the church will be fulfilled as surely as every other prophecy occurring before the Lord’s return…”

“According to His Word, He has ‘seated us with Him in the heavenly places’ (Eph. 2:6)… Thus, He commands us to sit with Him in the completeness of His purpose. He requires us not only to live without fear but to stand in prayer for these very nations that defy Him!” [See Psalms 2:1-4.]

“‘Ask of Me,’ the Father says to the Son, ‘and I will surely give the nations as Your inheritance, and the very ends of the earth as Your possession’ (Ps. 2:8).”

“As Christ’s church, we do not deserve a national revival, but Jesus does! We ask of the Father for America! We stand in prayer for the church to become one! Our prayer is not only an act of faith, it is an act of obedience: We are commanded to ask God for the nations!”

“As violence, New Age religions and witchcraft flourish in our schools, ask God for this nation. While all restraint is removed from the entertainment industry, ask God for this nation! While perversity dresses in normalcy, ask God for America! While abortion remains protected by laws, ask God with confidence, with boldness, and with faith for our land.”

— Francis Frangipane, “The Days of His Presence”, Chapter 13

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2 thoughts on “Pray for the Church and the Nation — A Quote by Francis Frangipane in “The Days of His Presence”

  1. Gail

    I was in deep desolation yesterday. I met with a woman of strong and deep faith. She tells me what I need to hear based on God’s word, not always what I want to hear. I am grateful for that. Well, she was talking about the tares and wheat. I know this word and yet yesterday it spoke to me heart conscience at a depth I had not yet received before. The tares and the wheat grow together. The tares is the false wheat and yet it looks and often sounds just like the true wheat. How then do i know the true wheat from the tares? I know it by the discernment of good and evil which is granted to me by God’s Holy Spirit. Now this is not a cookbook skill. I am a speech language pathologist and one of the skills I teach children with speech problems is to discriminate the t from the k sounds and the s from the sh sounds. They almost sound alike except for the placement. The same is true of the tares and wheat. The tares come from the twisted version of the deceived flesh nature–false teachings. The wheat comes from the holy version of the spirit nature–teachings of Christ Jesus. I can only come to discriminate the difference between t and k and s and sh if i listen closely and then practice them. The same is true for discernment. I learn by hearing the word of God, walking in truth in my everyday practical experiences, and encounter God through His Holy Spirit giving me warnings, instruction, and conviction. The Holy Spirit ‘fine tunes’ my mind, my ears, my eyes. Then my body ACTS accordingly. I then start living without fear, without doubt, without hesitancy.

    And I live in the privilege of praying for the nations and praying for families, the body of Christ, individual believers, and even unbelievers. When Jesus told his followers who were following him because of his miracles of healing that to truly follow him they would have to taste of his blood and eat of his flesh, he was not talking about cannibalism. He was talking about selflessness in prayer, in forgiveness, in thanksgiving, in worship. He was talking about taking the High Road of suffering for righteousness. Oh my how it is impossible to do this unless God moves in us and exalts us above our own self to do so. As we know, many disciples walked away from Jesus when He said this! In reality it was not a new question. The prophets of the old testament were asking the same of the Israelites who were claiming to love God yet living in a double-minded mind. They were acting like wheat, yet were in reality tares. The question is the same: Who will trust and obey? Who will follow Jesus? Who will die to this world to gain life for Christ? Who will go? Will you say “Send me!”

    1. Tim Thomas Post author

      Dear Gail, Thanks for all of the posts yesterday! I feel like I really know you now, and that you have been on a serious spiritual journey since coming to faith 17 or so years ago. I am glad you have friends you can go to that will pray for you and give you advice. When we are in ministry, in particular, though this is true of anyone in faith, we need people who will give us perspective and balance, and will fill up for us what is lacking. We all have areas of weakness, designed by God that way, I think, because he didn’t want any Lone Rangers — he wants us to need him, and he wants us to also need the Body of Christ.

      I see you like Francis Frangipane! He is one of my all-time favorite authors. He is so deep and spiritual in his writings.

      Many blessings to you!



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