Pharisees Decry People’s Mud, but Jesus Meets Their Needs with Good News — A Quote by John Burke in “Mud and the Masterpiece”

“Jesus offered mercy to people who needed mercy. He brought good news about God’s heart for people who felt condemned, judged, thinking God saw no hope for them. He offered people relationship that restored. As followers of Jesus, do we first bring something ‘good’ relationally to people in need of good news, or do we bring a gospel of mud management that says, ‘Until they see the mud, they won’t see their need for God? Until I help them see the “bad news” about how wrong their sin is, they won’t see their need for forgiveness’? Jesus didn’t do this, but the Pharisees did. This doesn’t mean Jesus ignored or denied the seriousness of our sins against God or our wrongs against each other. Jesus didn’t deny the truth about sin… Instead, he put the spotlight of grace on the Masterpiece, so people could see why the mud needed removing.”

— John Burke, “Mud and the Masterpiece”, Kindle location 586

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