Out of Messes Come Miracles, Like the Butterfly — A Quote by Leif Hetland in “Seeing Through Heaven’s Eyes”

“Before this emergence [of the butterfly from the cocoon]… something terrible happens; that is, if you believe your true identity is a caterpillar and you are determined to stay a caterpillar even if it kills you. God knows that this creature was not destined to spend the rest of its life worming around on the earth; it was destined to fly. But how do you convince a caterpillar of that, especially one that has grown comfortable being a caterpillar and is stubbornly wanting to remain a caterpillar? After all, he’s pretty good at being a caterpillar. Added to that, all his friends are caterpillars. He’s familiar with the ground, knows the lay of the land, and is comfortable with his place in the meadow. What God does that seems so terrible is that He starts to dissolve the caterpillar. All the internal organs, all the external appendages, everything turns to liquid. Halfway through the process, the caterpillar is no longer a caterpillar; it is gooey mess. Out of this mess comes the miracle. Out of most messes comes the miracle. Both your messes and my messes. The miracle is this: out of this shapeless mass of goo God causes the cells to reorganize and build a butterfly, [is] a being that is totally beyond the caterpillar’s wildest imagination.”

— Leif Hetland, “Seeing Through Heaven’s Eyes”, Kindle location 2037

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