Learning to Like and Live in Who You Really Are — A Quote from Leanne Payne in “The Healing Presence”

“There are three blocks to discovering one’s true center. The first two have to do with the forgiveness of sin: either our failure to forgive others, or our failure to receive forgiveness from God. The third has to do with one’s own inner vision of oneself and the failure to acquire the virtue of self-acceptance…”

“Only the real ‘I’, shedding its illusory selves, can draw near to God. In His Presence, my masks fall off, my false selves are revealed. I stand stripped and naked before Him. To continually abide in His Presence is to have one face only – the true one. To draw near Him, therefore, is to find the real ‘I’ as well as its home, my true center. Prior to this, I am split; I walk alongside myself, I am egocentric, I am uncentered.”

— Leanne Payne, “The Healing Presence”, pp 82-83

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