Learn to Hear God to Satisfy Your Neediness, Then You Can Offer Real Friendship — A Quote from Leanne Payne in “Listening Prayer”

“We continue struggling to find other people who can speak to… [our] primal loneliness. The easing of this emptiness, even meaninglessness, is what we so often look for in friendship… The unhealed, facing this loneliness, seek friends who can take the pain away. They bend in need-love toward another, hoping that he or she will be the friend, spouse, son, or daughter who will or can fill the void… Our pastoral task is to help all needy individuals face their inner loneliness, and there begin to hear God and their own true self… We all need to begin the rigorous but sternly magnificent work of converting the ‘desert of loneliness’ within into the spaciously beautiful ‘garden of solitude’ where the true self comes forth and flourishes. This is the self capable of friendship and Christian fellowship. Its identity is no longer in the creature. It no longer demands that the creature be god to it.”

— Leanne Payne, “Listening Prayer”, pp 168-169

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