Jesus Filled Up Alone with God to Pour Out on People — A Quote by Matt Sorger in “Power for Life”

“Throughout His earthly ministry Jesus was continually withdrawing from the crowds to be alone with God. As He poured out God’s power to help people, He was continually being filled Himself. This was the secret to His sustained, unlimited power…”

“We see a pattern. Prayer, power, prayer. The power of God will be sandwiched in between our prayer life. It’s a lifestyle. Sometimes Jesus prayed at night. At other times it was in the morning. Since Jesus had to be ready at any moment to minister into a situation, I believe He cultivated a habit of continual communion with God. He had His times of consecrated prayer, but His spirit was always listening for God’s voice and guidance.”

— Matt Sorger, “Power for Life”, Kindle locations 468, 482

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