Intercessors, Don’t Bind Principalities, Declare God’s Heart — A Quote by Gary Wiens in “Bridal Intercession”

“The point Jesus makes [in Luke 11:23-37] is that when evil spirits are driven out of a stronghold, it is essential to fill the stronghold with something else lest the enemy return with greater force than before. This is a reference to the need for building new systems of thought to replace the old ones…”

“Jesus never bound the spirits over any of the cities in which he ministered. He cast demons out of individuals, but that is the extent of His activity in addressing the realm of the demonic… My task of intercession over my city does not consist of rebuking enemy activity by addressing demonic powers and their agenda… My task as an intercessor is to determine what is in the Lord’s heart and mind regarding [my city]… and to come to agreement with what He said He intends to do.”

— Gary Wiens, “Bridal Intercession: Authority in Prayer through Intimacy with Jesus”, pp 116-117

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