Healing with both Power and Authority — A Quote by Chris Overstreet in, “A Practical Guide to Evangelism — Supernaturally”

“Often when you move in power, you may feel the manifestation of God’s presence on you as well as moving through you. When you don’t feel the tangible power and presence of God all over you, you can choose to move in the authority you have as a believer instead. Operating in power is best described as riding a spiritual wave, while operating out of authority is similar to creating a wave… Authority is what opens the door for the power of God to flow through you. If you don’t feel the power of God, you can invite God’s power into the situation by stepping out in the authority that He has given you. Remind yourself who you are and who Christ is in you. Take a step of faith through the authority you have as a believer.”

— Chris Overstreet, “A Practical Guide to Evangelism — Supernaturally”, Kindle locations 965-969

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