Finding the Presence of God is a Choice — A Quote by J. Brent Bill in “Holy Silence”

“Thomas Kelly asks a hard question — ‘Do you want to live in such an amazing divine Presence that life is transformed and transfigured and transmuted into peace and power and glory and miracle? If you do, you can. But if you say you haven’t the time to go down into recreating silences, I can only say to you, ‘Then you don’t really want to… For… we find time for what we really want to do…””

“Notice that Kelly doesn’t say how much time is the ‘right’ amount of time. He is not very concerned with the quantity. It’s the quality and intention of coming to God in silence. Silence isn’t an added religious duty. Holy silence is not one more thing to do. It is something we do that gives us, in a strange way, more time. It doesn’t take time away. Holy silence is like love in that way. We can have love and give love and still have an abundant store. There is nothing to fear in giving away love.”

— J. Brent Bill, “Holy Silence”, pp 78-79

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