Don’t Try Being Holy without Grace and Union with Christ — A Quote from Leanne Payne in “Listening Prayer”

“Holiness is a dangerous thing to preach when its relationship to grace and the real presence of God is not understood… Knowing and preaching the law of God does not enable one to keep it. Only grace does that… God keeps us in His holiness (John 17:15) as we remain in obedient subjection to Him (Romans 6:22). We must remain in union with Christ (John 15:4-5, 17:9)… When holiness is preached apart from understanding and walking in this union — in incarnational reality — legalism is the result… Where there is legalism, there is always pride… We can teach holiness without placing ourselves in jeopardy only so long as we realize that the godlessness of the wicked is set over and against the goodness of God and never the righteousness or holiness of the godly. Only in union with Him, listening to Him and carrying out His orders, are we holy.”

— Leanne Payne, “Listening Prayer”, pp 230-231

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