Bono’s Low-Key First Step in Putting Love in Action in Africa — A Quote by Kim Washburn in ” Breaking Through by Grace: The Bono Story”

“Moved by the experience of playing the Live Aid concert, Bono felt inspired to go to Africa and see the realities of life there in person. He couldn’t get the thought of those suffering in Ethiopia out of his head. So he talked to his wife. ‘We have to try and do something,’ he told her. ‘In a quiet way.’ Ali agreed, and the couple decided to go to Africa. They didn’t tell anyone they were going. There were no cameras or reporters following them around as they worked. They just went… He and Ali slept in a tent for more than a month as they lived in Wello, Ethiopia. Working at a feeding station surrounded by barbed wire, they were in charge of the station’s orphanage.”

— Kim Washburn, “Breaking Through by Grace: The Bono Story”, Kindle location 452, 457-458

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