Authority of the Adopted Ones — A Quote by Heidi Baker in “Beautiful One”

“If you have a spirit of adoption and demons are around, you can command them, ‘Go!’ and they will leave because you and they know that Papa Daddy God, who is huge, is standing by His adopted child! Demons simply cannot stand it when you know to whom you belong. Papa stands behind you, and you think it is you, and He’s thinking, ‘Praising My glory, baby!’ He loves it when you know whose you are… You can believe you are an orphan and stay that way, or you can believe that you are a child of Papa Daddy God and be transformed and move into a whole new realm in your life where you speak and Daddy backs you up because your heart is aligned with the Son, Christ Jesus.”

— Heidi Baker, Ch 1 of “Beautiful One”, ed. by Shae Cooke

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