I wanted to introduce myself to my readers who want to know who the person is behind Awesome God Ministries and this website, WowGod.org. My name is Tim Thomas. But before I to tell you more about myself, let me tell you a little about my God. My God is full of love and grace. He is gentle and humble in heart. He is incredibly in love with you! And He is calling you to a deep, fulfilling relationship with Him.

Now about me: I have a passion to see everyone become intimately connected to God! By that I mean that they are able to talk to God, listen to God speak to them, and know God’s heart well — to the extent that it would be impossible to ever choose a path that would lead them away from God — because they know God as their greatest treasure.

God is my greatest treasure! I have been walking with Him since the first time I heard Him speak to me (to my heart/spirit, so I had to listen carefully) back when I was a freshman in college, at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, in 1978. I have done my best to try to follow God since then. I have made many mistakes and had many failures along the way. I’m not perfect. But I try to be honest. And I try to be faithful.

My love language (for those familiar with any of the books by Gary Chapman) is quality time. Perhaps because of that, I have a passion for silent retreats. This is my “go to” way to say “I really, really love you” to God. I will take a day off once a month (or two) and go to a retreat center that is devoted to silently seeking God. It is there that I talk and listen to God, sharing our hearts with one another. Some of my most significant life events have occurred on silent retreats. I think my love language flavors most of what I write and share. By the way, I try to talk to God every day, several times a day, and not just on silent retreats — it’s just that silent retreats are so much more focused (and so much better) than the bits of time I grab while working full-time.

I’m not trying to hide from you the fact that I follow Jesus. I have been speaking more generally about God because I wanted people to listen long enough for me to tell them what is on God’s heart about them before I mention Jesus. I know that many people have preconceived ideas about people who follow Jesus. It turns out that there is such a great variation among people who call themselves “Christians” that I did not want you to let bad impressions of others keep you from finding a deep friendship with God. Jesus Himself is the one who says to you “Come to Me… for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your soul” (Matthew 11).

I do believe that the Bible is God’s inspired written word. I like to think deeply about life and dig deeply in the Bible to get at the Truth, then share that with others. I am an ordained minister with Elim Fellowship, a charismatic / Pentecostal fellowship that has been around since the 1920s and which has a Bible college in upstate New York. I currently serve as area rep for them for the Maryland and DC area, which means that I try to pastor the Elim pastors in my area, through encouragement and prayer.

I started Awesome God Ministries back in 1998 when I felt like God was calling me to plant a church in Carroll County, MD. WowGod.org came along in 2005 when I felt like God said to write a book. I thought that since writing was such a slow and long-term endeavor, that if I could post things in little increments to share with others, it might encourage me to write more and not give up. I have continued investing in WowGod.org since then, so that it can be a bigger blessing to more people. Oh, and the book was published! It is called “A Life of Holy Intimacy and Power: The Radical Message of Ephesians for Believers”. It is available at Amazon.com.

In addition to writing, I love sharing in churches and at conferences, leading silent retreats and not-so-silent retreats, and I welcome opportunities to pray for the sick for healing and bring prophetic words to people. You can contact me by email at dr.tim.thomas@gmail.com, if you would like to talk about anything or would like me to share at your church, workshop, or retreat.

My full-time job, however, is not as a pastor but as a researcher! I have a Ph.D. in economics, and work in research related to agriculture and climate change in developing countries, trying to help eliminate poverty in some of the poorest countries in the world. I also didn’t mention that I’ve been married to Steph Thomas since 1990, and have two wonderful teenage kids, Josiah and Esther.

Since I no longer pastor a congregation, I found a great church that I can be active in: Harvest Church, in Hampstead, Maryland. I have also been active as a spiritual director for Kalos (formerly Maryland Chrysalis), and have been leading a prayer ministry to seniors at a retirement center near Westminster, Maryland, where I live.

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