Day 49 (Mon, Sept 29, 2014)

Banquet Parables

49 total verses: Luke 13:22-35; 14:1-35

Brief description of action taking place or point being made

184. Jesus travels toward Jerusalem in Luke 13:22
185. How many will be saved? In Luke 13:23-30
186. Pharisees warn Jesus about Herod in Luke 13:31-35
187. In a Pharisee’s house on the Sabbath in Luke 14:1
188. Man with dropsy healed in Luke 14:2-6
189. Parable of the guests in Luke 14:7-11
190. Parable to the host of the feast in Luke 14:12-14
191. Parable of the dinner in Luke 14:15-24
192. Great multitudes travel with Jesus in Luke 14:25
193. The cost of discipleship in Luke 14:25-35

General questions

1. What is your favorite verse or set of verses? Why?
2. Did you learn anything from the reading or find anything particularly cool? What?
3. Was there anything unclear in the passage that you have questions about? What are they?

Specific questions on this passage

After Completing the Bible Reading

Broader outline of each section of passage

Luke 13:22. Jesus headed to Jerusalem, teaching in all the towns and villages through which he passed.

Luke 13:23-30. Jesus said that many would not be saved. That the way was narrow. That it took more than knowing who Jesus is, it took a more intimate connection. He said that many Jewish people would not make it, but many Gentiles from afar would.

Luke 13:31-35. The Pharisees warn Jesus that Herod wants to kill him. But Jesus says that he must go to Jerusalem, because that is where he must die. His desire was to save Jerusalem, but it was not a place that accepted Jesus.

Luke 14:1. On a Sabbath, Jesus was dining at a Pharisee’s house.

Luke 14:2-6. A man was there who had dropsy. Jesus wanted to heal him, and asked the lawyers and Pharisees. But they did not reply. So Jesus healed the man, and reminded them that they would certainly take care of a child or an animal of theirs on the Sabbath.

Luke 14:7-11. Jesus told a parable that was like a strategy for a feast. He says to take a position of little honor, so that the host will see you and move you up to a higher place. He says that if you exalt yourself, you will be humbled, but if you humble yourself, you will be exalted.

Luke 14:12-14. Jesus says that when you give a banquet, if you invite the outcasts and lowly, God will repay you for your kindness that they cannot repay.

Luke 14:15-24. This is very similar to the parable of the wedding feast in Matthew 22:1-14. Jesus told a parable about a man who gave a great banquet, and after sending the invitations out, the time came to hold the banquet. But the invited guests all made excuses about why they couldn’t come. So the man invited everyone he could find — total strangers, including those who are traditionally outcast.

Luke 14:25. Great crowds followed Jesus.

Luke 14:25-35. Jesus told the people that they needed to count the cost of following Jesus, and that cost was that they needed to renounce everything if they wanted to be Jesus’ disciple.

My favorite passage and other random thoughts

I chose Luke 14:13-14 as my favorite passage in this chapter: “‘But when you give a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed. Although they cannot repay you, you will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous'” (NIV). I like this it seems to be a very straightforward and implementable plan to bless others: invite people that others would not invite, who could not pay you back. And I like the fact that God Himself will pay us back one day for invitations and hospitality like that.

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