Day 44 (Tues, Sept 23, 2014)

The Seventy

42 total verses: Luke 10:1-42

Brief description of action taking place or point being made

154. Seventy sent out in Luke 10:1-16
155. Seventy return in Luke 10:17-20
156. Jesus rejoices in Luke 10:21-22
157. Jesus privately blesses the 12 in Luke 10:23-24
158. Lawyer tests Jesus in Luke 10:25-28
159. Parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:29-37
160. Martha prepares while Mary listens in Luke 10:38-42

General questions

1. What is your favorite verse or set of verses? Why?
2. Did you learn anything from the reading or find anything particularly cool? What?
3. Was there anything unclear in the passage that you have questions about? What are they?

Specific questions on this passage

After Completing the Bible Reading

Broader outline of each section of passage

Luke 10:1-16. There are some translation issues about whether 70 or 72 were sent out. I have traditionally said 72, so will probably use that. Regardless of how many there were, they were sent out in a very similar manner, with very similar instructions, to what the Twelve received when Jesus sent them out earlier. At the end of this section, Jesus denounces towns that had heard the message and seen signs, and yet did not receive the message.

Luke 10:17-20. After the 72 returned, they were rejoicing greatly, because they had seen all sorts of miracles and victories. Jesus said that he had seen Satan suffer great losses, but the thing to rejoice in is their names being written in heaven, not the miracles or the authority over the devil, even though Jesus re-emphasized that authority.

Luke 10:21-22. Jesus rejoiced in the Father’s wisdom of not calling the powerful but those who were like little children. And he spoke of his ability to reveal the Father to people.

Luke 10:23-24. Jesus told the disciples that they were blessed to see all that they see, because great prophets of old longed to see it, but did not.

Luke 10:25-28. A lawyer wanted to test Jesus about eternal life, and Jesus turned it around and asked the lawyer what the Law said. And the lawyer answered well about loving God and loving one’s neighbor. So Jesus affirmed him in his answer.

Luke 10:29-37. Then the lawyer wanted to understand who his neighbor was — who he was obligated to love. Jesus answered him with a story about religious leaders who ignored a severely injured man, but a hated Samaritan who stopped to take care of the man. Jesus then asked the lawyer who in the story was a neighbor. The lawyer replied that it was the Samaritan, and Jesus then instructed the lawyer to follow his example.

Luke 10:38-42. After this, Jesus and his disciples entered a village, and they were welcomed to Martha’s home. Mary sat at Jesus’ feet listening to him, which annoyed her sister Martha, who was working hard to prepare things for these guests. Martha complained to Jesus, and asked him to send Mary to help. But Jesus told Martha that Mary had chosen what was better, and that he would not tell her to help.

My favorite passage and other random thoughts

Luke 10:19 has been a favorite of mine for some time. It says “Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you” (ESV). In this verse, Jesus is delegating to his followers the authority over demons (serpents and scorpions are symbolic of them, and it is confirmed by Jesus going on to mention “all the power of the enemy”). While this verse specifically refers to the seventy-two that Jesus sent out, I boldly assert and claim this authority for myself. I don’t think this is going beyond what God would want me to do. And I challenge everyone who follows Jesus to claim this. This means that you don’t shrink back from praying for demonic oppression over a person or a situation, and don’t shrink back for praying for healing when someone needs it. Jesus wants his followers to be able to declare the Good News, which includes Jesus complete victory over the enemy. Declaration and demonstration need to go hand-in-hand.

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