Day 30 (Sat, Sept 6, 2014)

Jesus Feed the Five Thousand

46 total verses: Matthew 14:13-21; Mark 6:30-44; Luke 9:10-17; John 6:1-14

Brief description of action taking place or point being made

90. 12 return and they withdraw in Matthew 14:13; Mark 6:30-32; Luke 9:10; John 6:1
91. Jesus teaches and heals the multitude in Matthew 14:14; Mark 6:33-34; Luke 9:11; John 6:2
92. Jesus feeds 5,000 in Matthew 14:15-21; Mark 6:35-44; Luke 9:12-17; John 6:3-14

General questions

1. What is your favorite verse or set of verses? Why?
2. Did you learn anything from the reading or find anything particularly cool? What?
3. Was there anything unclear in the passage that you have questions about? What are they?

Specific questions on this passage

After Completing the Bible Reading

Broader outline of each section of passage

Matthew 14:13; Mark 6:30-32; Luke 9:10; John 6:1. It wasn’t until I worked through this Harmony of the Gospels that I realized that John the Baptist was beheaded about the same time he had sent out the 12 to proclaim the Kingdom of God. So they returned to Jesus at about the same time Jesus heard about John’s death. Matthew says the reason Jesus went away to a desolate place was because he was dealing with the news of John’s death, and Mark (and Luke agrees) makes it seem that Jesus was concerned with his disciples’ well-being — their need for rest.

Matthew 14:14; Mark 6:33-34; Luke 9:11; John 6:2. As Jesus and his disciples were going to the desolate place, crowds noticed and followed. Because Jesus has compassion on the crowds, instead of trying to hide or yelling at them to go away, he speaks to them about the Kingdom of God and heals the sick among them.

Matthew 14:15-21; Mark 6:35-44; Luke 9:12-17; John 6:3-14. Because they were in a desolate place, the disciples wanted Jesus to send the crowds away, so they could get some food. But Jesus wanted to give them something himself, and he planned to do a miracle. He enlisted his disciples for ideas, and Andrew found a boy who had five loaves and two fishes. When Jesus gave thanks, he had the loaves and fishes distributed, and it was enough to feed five thousand men, plus women and children. And after all had eaten and were satisfied, they collected 12 baskets of leftovers.

My favorite passage and other random thoughts

I am torn between two quotes in Mark. In Mark 6:31, Jesus says, “‘Come away by yourselves to a desolate place and rest a while'” (ESV); and in Mark 6:34, it says “When he went ashore he saw a great crowd, and he had compassion on them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd” (ESV). Both of these reflected Jesus concern for people, the first for his disciples, and the second, for the crowd.

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