Worship God, and Ask Him to Defeat the Enemy — A Quote by Gary Wiens in “Bridal Intercession”

“Do we begin to understand the analogy [in the story of the banquet that Esther put on for the king]? The queen ministers to the king in the presence of her enemy, and the enemy’s heart is gripped with terror when she mentions his name to the king… Beloved, the enemy is not too impressed with our shouts and protestations and sword rattling. That’s his turf, and he’s an expert at it. But what strikes sheer terror into the heart of Satan is the Bride ministering to King Jesus, singing the love song of the Lamb, agreeing with God concerning His opinions and His agenda, coming to a place of intimacy in which her heart is at rest in the knowledge of God’s love for her. In that place, she is a formidable foe.”

— Gary Wiens, “Bridal Intercession: Authority in Prayer through Intimacy with Jesus”, pp 95-96

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