When McManus Says ‘Barbarian Way’, He Means ‘Passionate, Spirit-Filled Lovers of God’ — A Quote by Erwin Raphael McManus in “The Barbarian Way”

“Christianity over the past two thousand years had moved from a tribe of renegades to a religion of conformists… The barbarian way is about love, intimacy, passion, and sacrifice. Barbarians love to live and live to love. For them, God is life, and their mission is to reconnect humanity to Him. Their passion is that each of us might live in intimate communion with Him who died for us… Barbarians are guided by the wind of God and ignited by the fire of God. The way of the barbarian can be found only by listening to the voice of the Spirit. The barbarian way can be known only by those who have the heart of God.”

— Erwin Raphael McManus, “The Barbarian Way”, pp 5, 13

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