Waiting Patiently is Really Waiting Passionately — A Quote by Bill Johnson in “Face to Face with God”

“This Hebrew word ‘patiently’ is in the Bible fifty-three times. Four times it is defined as ‘waiting patiently,’ ‘to wait,’ ‘waiting,’ or ‘waited.’ Forty-nine times it is defined as ‘writhing in pain, as in childbirth’ or ‘whirling in the air in dance.’ The characteristics involved in childbirth and the dance give us the needed insight on how to practice waiting patiently on God. We could never watch someone involved in giving birth to a child or dancing skillfully to music and think that they were passive about what they were doing. Passion is the nature of both expressions. And passion leads the way in waiting patiently on God.”

— Bill Johnson, “Face to Face with God”, Kindle locations 1757-1758

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