One Day in His Courts: My Verse for Wed, Nov 21 (a reflection on Psalms 84:10a)

“Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere.” Psalms 84:10a (NIV)

How awesome it is to spend time in the presence of God! This verse challenges me to reprioritize my life. It inspires me to seek God more fully, and to value time with Him as something very precious.

But if I am to be totally honest, judging by my actions and choices, you would think that I do not truly believe this verse, and I wonder if I know anyone who really does. It seems to me that if we really believed this, our lives would be less busy, and most of our time outside of sleeping and work would be in His presence. Instead, we seem to manage to fill up our lives with electronics (television, radio, games, internet, social media) and other distractions.

I wonder what it would take for us to really believe that time in the Lord’s presence is better than time anywhere else? I suppose it would take really getting to know God, to the point that His love for us is the greatest thing we know, and time spent with Him is filled with joy — that we recognize the treasure that He is, and feel like our investment in Him is the best investment we could ever make.

Let us keep pressing in, and not give up. The Lord appreciates every effort we make to spend time with Him and to give Him more of our hearts and lives. And as we get glimpses of His beauty, glory, and love, we will recognize the treasure that He is, and press in all the more.

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