Using our Imaginations to Grow in God — A Quote by Gregory Boyd in “Present Perfect”

“Since our mind thinks with images, I intentionally imagine God’s loving presence around me like an ocean, a warm glowing bubble, or a mist as I recite these truths. I also sometimes imagine myself so full of God’s love that it exudes from me like light from a very bright lightbulb…”

“A second discipline that I find indispensable is this: I set aside regular times when I darken a room, play some nice background music, and imaginatively see, hear, and sense Jesus pouring his perfect love on me. As vividly as possible, I see, hear, and sense Jesus expressing to me all the things Scripture says about me… This is called ‘cataphatic [or imaginative] prayer’”

— Gregory Boyd, “Present Perfect”, Kindle locations 607, 616, 619

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