Think and Talk about Salvation Differently — A Quote by Brian McLaren in “A New Kind of Christian”

“The way conservative Christians talk about ‘personal salvation’ seems to me to try to persuade by exclusion. In other words, the argument says, ‘You, the “unsaved”, are on the outside and I’m on the inside. I’ll tell you how to get inside if you want.’ I think we would be more in line with the spirit of the gospel if we invite by inclusion, saying, ‘God loves you. God accepts you. Are you ready to accept your acceptance and live in reconciliation with God.'”

“Similarly, I think the standard definition of salvation breeds passivity. It’s like a line in the sand, and we say, ‘The most important thing in life is to be on the other side of this line.’ OK. People cross the line. What then? They try to get other people to cross the line. OK. What then? I see a huge contrast between crossing a line in this way, and following Jesus on a journey. It’s as if we have taken what is for Jesus a starting line and turned it into a finish line. Sound like another case of modern reductionism — going for the greatest efficiency, the most measurable results, the least common denominator.”

— Brian D. McLaren, “A New Kind of Christian”, p 130

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