The Power of Forgiveness to Triumph Over Evil — A Quote from Leanne Payne in “Listening Prayer”

“We do not forgive evil. The soul so deeply wounded by an evil person often does not understand this fact. We hate evil (Proverbs 8:13; Romans 12:9). But we find the grace to forgive those in the grip of evil… The severely wounded soul fears forgiving the evildoer, thinking that doing so will put him or her back under the power of the evil one. But hating evil while releasing the evildoer from unforgiveness on our part does not meant that we remain under his or her power to destroy us. Instead we gain Christ’s strength to defeat and utterly overcome the effects of that evil on ourselves…”

“To confess the specific sins of others against us does not mean that those who commit evil deeds find forgiveness of sin apart from their personal repentance. It means that we as Christians have the privilege, in Christ, of breaking the power those sins continue to have over us. Confessing the sins committed against us by those who are yet unrepentant, and extending forgiveness to them, opens the doorway to freedom from the effects of that sin on us.”

“I have often seen a weakening of the stronghold of sin over the evildoer as well after this prayer, together with a special moment of grace. There will be an unusual ‘window’ of light and opportunity to choose God, to choose heaven over and against hell, truth over and against lies that make up the person’s ‘myths’.”

— Leanne Payne, “Listening Prayer”, pp 104-106

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