The Enemy Wants You to Distrust God, but Worship Wins — A Quote by Gary Wiens in “Bridal Intercession”

“When… people choose to worship Him and love and trust Him even more in the midst of physical difficulty, the battle is won. The enemy doesn’t want their physical stuff; he wants their minds and hearts to become discouraged about the nature of God and His trustworthiness. The devil… wants their trust undermined, and he doesn’t care how it happens…”

“When in the midst… of struggles I can stand and worship, when I can love Jesus and agree that His administration of my life is wise and good, when I can live graciously in relationship to my family and the others around me — then the enemy has nothing in me and the battle is won. Then I can stand and say with Jesus, ‘the ruler of this world is coming, and he has nothing in me!'”

— Gary Wiens, “Bridal Intercession: Authority in Prayer through Intimacy with Jesus”, p 112

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