The Baptism of Love — A Quote by Leif Hetland in “Seeing Through Heaven’s Eyes”

“There are things that only the Holy Spirit can impart — like the Father’s love. Believing in the Father’s love is one thing; being baptized in it is another. That is why I use the phrase, ‘Baptism of Love.’ Because it’s not an indoctrination; it’s an immersion. The Holy Spirit immerses us in the Father’s love. He does this by placing us on the Father’s lap, so to speak, where the Father lovingly embraces us, pressing us against His chest so closely we can hear the music of His heart. Every swooshing beat of it. He presses us close so that our heart connects with His. And He keeps us close until the beat of His heart resets the beat of ours…”

“Once we have experienced that, we begin to love Him with all our heart, all our soul, all our strength. And everything changes. Everything within us — every thought, every feeling, every word, every action — beats in rhythm with His love. Then we will no longer be playing the notes on the page. We will be playing the sunset.”

— Leif Hetland, “Seeing Through Heaven’s Eyes”, Kindle locations 1931, 1938

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