Self Denial Doesn’t Conquer Desires, But Inward Focus Does — A Quote by Jeanne Guyon in “Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ”

Christians have employed different means to overcome their desires. Perhaps the most common approach has been discipline and self-denial. But no matter how severe your self-denial is, it will never completely conquer your senses.

No, self-denial is not the answer! Even when it appears to have worked, what it has actually done is to change only the outward expression of those desires… The more your soul is focused on these outward things, the farther it is removed from its center and from its resting place! The result of this type of self-denial is the opposite of what you sought… Instead of being subdued, they gain more power.

There is only one way to conquer your five senses, and that is by inward recollection—by a turning of your soul completely inward to your spirit, there to possess a present God. Your soul must turn all its attention and energies within, not without! Within to Christ, not without to the senses.

— Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ by Jeanne Guyon

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