‘Rest in the Lord’ Means to Enjoy God Walking with You — A Quote by Bill Johnson in “Face to Face with God”

“‘Rest in the LORD and wait patiently for Him’ (Psalm 37:7). The word rest used in this verse means one of two things, depending on the context. One is ‘to be still… The other definition is rather fascinating, though. It means ‘to take a leisure walk.’ I think automatically of God and Adam walking in the Garden of Eden together in the cool of the day… True rest is found in a right relationship with God. We know that all that was stolen because of Adam’s sin is restored in the Last Adam, Jesus Christ. So, to rest in the Lord means basically that the obstacle to the relationship is removed and the striving is over. I don’t need to fight to gain God’s attention. I already have His favor and will walk favorably with Him in the adventure of a developing personal relationship.”

— Bill Johnson, “Face to Face with God”, Kindle location 1713

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