Praying for God to Help Us Hear Him — A Quote from Leanne Payne in “Listening Prayer”

“If we are born again of the Spirit and are unable to listen to God or receive guidance, consolation, wisdom, and understanding, most of us can take a small practical step to help us over the impasse… We must start by acknowledging God’s presence with and within us. We affirm the real that came down to us at our conversion… [We might pray something like] ‘Thank You, Lord Jesus Christ, for indwelling me, for linking me to God the Father, for helping me to receive His words of love and affirmation in such a way as I find, accept, and live out my true and full identity as His beloved child, in You and through the redemption You won for me. And may Your word, together with Your presence within, radiate up throughout my entire being, increasingly granting to me a cleansed and holy intellect, imagination, and sensory feeling being. I thank you, Lord, even in this moment and in advance, for the answer to this prayer. Amen.'”

— Leanne Payne, “Listening Prayer”, pp 139-140

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