Praying Blessings Opens Doors for Spiritual Conversations — A Quote by Carl Medearis in “Muslims, Christians, and Jesus”

“Prayer is a key factor in relating to our Muslim friends in a spiritual fashion. Unfortunately, Muslims often think that Christians don’t believe in prayer because they don’t see us praying formally the way they do. It’s the same with fasting. Because we don’t fast with them during the month of Ramadan, they assume we don’t fast at all. While we don’t want to make a public display out of our faith by praying or fasting just to be seen (Jesus tells us not to do this), we can let our Muslim friends know that we do pray by praying with and for them — out loud, while together… Prayer is powerful. I try to pray with people that I meet whenever I can. Muslims are particularly open to this. Try it! ”

— Carl Medearis, “Muslims, Christians, and Jesus”, Kindle location 762

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