Prayer to Confess that Our Destiny is to be Like Jesus — A Quote by Francis Frangipane in “The Three Battlegrounds”

“Lord Jesus, I submit to You. I declare, according to the Word of God, that because of Your power to subject all things unto Yourself, the weapons of my warfare are mighty to the pulling down of strongholds (2 Cor. 10:3-4). I repent for using the lie, ‘I will never be like Jesus,’ as an excuse to sin and compromise my convictions. In Jesus’ name, I renounce my flawed, sinful old nature and by the grace of God and the power of Your Spirit I pull down the stronghold of unbelief that exists in my mind. Because of the perfect sacrifice of Jesus Christ, I am a new creation. And I believe that I will go from glory to glory, being continually transformed into Christ’s image as I walk with Him in His grace.”

— Francis Frangipane, “The Three Battlegrounds”

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One thought on “Prayer to Confess that Our Destiny is to be Like Jesus — A Quote by Francis Frangipane in “The Three Battlegrounds”

  1. Gail

    Oh yes. I too pull down the stronghold of unbelief. Unbelief is of the children of darkness. I am a born again child of the Living God. You are my Father. I am your child. Forgive me for my unbelief. Forgive me for trying to make myself into a follower of Jesus. I have been as arrogant as Peter and as fearful of the Jezebel spirit as Elijah. I confess this with my tongue and believe in my heart that only You Jesus are GOD. I am not you. I have tried to duplicate you and have come to a dead end. Forgive me for my blind arrogance and for my thinking I could ever be you. I need You desperately to walk in newness of life in thought, word, and deed. I need to hear Your voice. |I am a sheep. You are the only Good Shepherd. I am a broken woman and only You can raise me up from the dead of living for my self. Only You can exalt me above my self. Only You can train me in the way i should go and then equip me to be sent out as the salt and light of the earth. I am willing God. Unlock my deaf ears, Open my blind eyes. Change me. Purify me. Equip me. Send me. I love you more than the air I breathe.


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