Practicing God’s Presence Impacts the World — A Quote by Gregory Boyd in “Present Perfect”

“The practice of the presence of God has sometimes been criticized for lacking a social dimension. I don’t think the criticism is at all warranted. True, the discipline is focused on individuals, for only individuals can choose to remain aware of, and surrendered to, God’s presence. But as Lawrence, de Caussade, and Laubach all testify, when we practice God’s presence we become conduits through which God’s love impacts others. As we yield to the ever-present Spirit of God, we find ourselves acting like Jesus… Yielded to the Father’s will, moment-by-moment, he continually broke taboos, stereotypes, and laws that kept people oppressed… Surrendering to God’s will takes us out of our self-focused flesh-mind-set and empowers us to see what God sees, love as God loves, and sacrifice for others the way God has sacrificed for us. Nothing could be as socially impacting as this.”

— Gregory Boyd, “Present Perfect”, Kindle locations 1491, 1509

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