Passionate Lovers of Jesus Will Draw the Lost — A Quote by Mike Bickle in “The Pleasures of Loving God”

“Lovesick, captured people live differently. This holy lovesickness is serious, and its implications will create a massive disruption wherever the lovesick bride goes…”

“One part of the globe will follow them because nothing is more attractive than a heart on fire for the Son of God. Unsaved multitudes will come into the harvest when they see lovesickness burning brightly in human beings. The people to be harvested will at first look at the church and say, ‘We want something to die for!’ As a lovesick contingency emerges worldwide, those who are on fire for the Son of God will bring in the harvest, and the explosive power of the ingathering of souls will awaken the church. The fire they see in us will draw [them]… They will be intrigued, mystified and wooed by it. They will follow it and give themselves to it. They will become lovesick themselves.”

— Mike Bickle, “The Pleasures of Loving God”, pp 78-79

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