Mystical Influence in Islam — A Quote by Carl Medearis in “Muslims, Christians, and Jesus”

“I was recently reading my friend Christine Mallouhi’s book ‘Waging Peace on Islam…’ Christine wrote about the Sufi Muslims, originally monks who lived in seclusion from what they viewed as a widespread corruption of Islam. Many of them lived in intentional poverty, instead seeking nourishment spiritually, and many of them were completely dedicated to living according to the teachings of Jesus. I was fascinated by this — fascinated by the way Jesus’ wisdom and compassion had managed to find its way into the very heart of Islam… The Sufis believed that to serve God was to love God, purely and simply. They rigorously expended themselves in songs and dances, in pure worship of this creator God who made them so that they could live in a love relationship with him. They believed that all else was nothingness, a waste.”

— Carl Medearis, “Muslims, Christians, and Jesus”, Kindle location 978

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