Look to God to Satisfy Your Deepest Desires, Not Your Mate — A Quote by Gary Smalley in “I Promise”

“If I expect something other than God to fill me, I feel frustration, worry, and other negative emotions. But as soon as I redirect my affections toward God, He begins filling me with the gifts that come from His Spirit… God placed deep within you an affinity for a connectedness with… It is in relationship with God that you and I find meaning, purpose, significance, completeness, inner power, peace, joy, and a relational sense of belonging. In short, there is no dream, need, aspiration, or anything else that you will ever desire that He can’t meet. Period. Why? Because the almighty God of the universe created us in His likeness with the express purpose of having us know and connect to Him so intimately that we become more and more like Him…”

“Your promise to be filled with God helps your mate. It takes the pressure off of him to be the one who must meet many of your needs. The pressure of having someone depending heavily on you for something you can’t ever fulfill can be devastating… We are not designed to meet the deepest needs of each other. To depend on others for what God only is meant to supply puts impossible pressures on a relationship. Your mate can’t live up to that kind of expectation, and to continue to expect such fulfillment will only cause disappointment.”

Gary Smalley, “I Promise”, Kindle location 1408-1415, 1502-1503 1508

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