It Takes All Types to Bring the Kingdom of God — A Quote by Danny Silk in “Culture of Honor”

“Diverse anointings each contribute something entirely unique to the project of bringing Heaven to earth, and this requires an honoring (and undemocratic) attitude that says, ‘You have something I don’t have, and I need what you have.’”

— Danny Silk, “Culture of Honor”, Kindle location 835

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One thought on “It Takes All Types to Bring the Kingdom of God — A Quote by Danny Silk in “Culture of Honor”

  1. Gail

    Oh yes. The joy of being who God made us individually is to be embraced and encouraged in the body of Christ. WE ARE NOT IN COMPETITION OR COMPARISON AS THE DEVIL WOULD TWIST OUR MINDS INTO THINKING! . In my zeal as a Christian of 18 years after having been a zealous unbeliever for the first 46 years, I have just learned that without wisdom and maturity, my gifts of writing and ministering wisely to other sisters in Christ can get me in lots of trouble…mainly my own ego. Just yesterday after much discouragement in ministering, God gave me a huge awakening in my heart conscience: 1. i don’t spend enough time with my Lord and so I act out of my own zeal 2. i don’t act when the Lord speaks to me and so I end up in bad situations in ministry and relationships 3. I sugarcoat by being nice instead of obedient because I want to be liked and I don’t want to be criticized. I have been given he gift of writing and am now finishing my first book called Honor From Shame: A Child’s Faith. The paintings and the writings are sweet honey to my own soul and I pray they will be to the souls of other women. Yet without needing to explain why, God is taking me to Mount Horab just like He took Elijah to Mount Horab to draw him back to God so that when he returned for battle he would enter battle with the presence of the Lord, not of his own zeal. it was then that Jezebel was defeated. It was then that His faith was marked by works that came from his zeal undergirded with wisdom; not just zeal of his own false power. I pray that we all encourage one another’s gifts and anointings, yet at the same time realize that the anointing and gifts are only as fruitful as the wisdom that accompanies them. Perhaps we all need to get to the place of personal desolation and go to Mount Horab. The zeal of the prophet Elijah with unmarked wisdom and the zeal of Peter the disciple of Jesus with unmarked wisdom got them both to their personal desolations. I pray that God forgive us (me too) for my zeal not undergirded by wisdom. I pray that God lead us to Mount Horab where a season of returning to our first love (pray, time in the word, worship) finds us going back into battle with the presence of God before us and in us.


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