If You Love Jesus, It Will Show Up in Your Actions — A Quote by Danny Silk in “Culture of Honor”

“Many of us believe that when Jesus said, ‘If you love Me, you will keep [obey] My commandments,’ it meant, ‘If you love Me, you will let Me control you.’ If I still have a mindset informed by the law of sin and death, I hear Jesus saying, ‘Keep your relationship with My rules!’”

“When we hear this command from the mindset of the law of Christ, we hear, ‘If you love Me, it’s going to show up in how you treat the things that I told you are important to Me. The way you manage yourself in our relationship is going to be a clear indicator to Me of your love… I don’t want control over you and I don’t have control over you. This is why I’ve given you a spirit of self-control. It is your attention to our relationship and your ability to manage yourself in this relationship in order to create and sustain intimacy that manifests the law of life in Christ. Intimacy—’In-to-Me-you-see’—is how you learn what is important to Me, and if you love Me, you’ll adjust your behavior to protect My heart.’”

— Danny Silk, “Culture of Honor”, Kindle location 998-1004

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