How Walking in the Spirit Leads to a Higher Righteousness than Walking in the Law — A Quote by Danny Silk in “Culture of Honor”

“In Galatians 4:30 (NASB) he quotes from Genesis: ‘Cast out the bondwoman and her son, for the son of the bondwoman shall not be heir with the sons of the free woman.’ In other words, the two covenants cannot coexist in the same place. You’re either a slave under the law, or you’re a free son. Love and fear have no fellowship. You can’t do two; you have to choose…”

“In Christ we have not, in fact, been given a relationship with the rules, but a relationship with the Spirit, a relationship heart-to-heart, a relationship that practices love…”

“As we walk in the Spirit, the question we must constantly ask is, how is my life affecting our relationship? Keeping the law of life in Christ means that I manage myself in order to preserve and protect my connection to His heart. It’s not about living to protect myself from the punisher when I break the rules.”

— Danny Silk, “Culture of Honor”, Kindle location 935, 996

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