How to Pray for a Stranger or Friend for Healing — A Quote by Chris Overstreet in, “A Practical Guide to Evangelism — Supernaturally”

“[When praying for healing] don’t pray long. Keep it to 30 seconds. Jesus did not pray long prayers to get people healed. It is not your prayer that heals them; it’s your faith in action. Simply command all the pain to leave the person’s body in Jesus’ name. [Then] ask them, ‘What are you feeling? What’s happening in your body? Can you try doing something that you couldn’t do before without pain…?’ If people tell you they are now at a five or six [out of ten] (in other words, they’re getting better but not totally healed yet) ask them if you can pray again… Remember that even Jesus had to pray for a blind man twice [Mark 8:22-26]… When people are healed, point them to Jesus. Explain to them that it was Jesus who just healed them. Remember, signs and wonders are always intended to point people to Jesus. If they don’t know Jesus, explain the Gospel to them.”

— Chris Overstreet, “A Practical Guide to Evangelism — Supernaturally”, Kindle locations 835-838, 849, 853

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