How to Discern What You Hear is From God — A Quote by Richard Foster in “Sanctuary of the Soul”

“How can I be sure that I am hearing the voice of God? It is very important to have the answer to this question clear in your mind. Remember, Satan pushes and condemns, God draws and encourages. You can tell the difference. Get clear in your mind the great teaching in the New Testament of the Christlikeness of God . . . God is like Jesus. Then, become intimately familiar with Jesus, first from the Gospel records and then in your personal experience. Cling to the words of Jesus that he is the good Shepherd and that his sheep ‘know his voice’ (Jn 10:4). God will always draw you to what is life-giving, to those things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely and of a good report (Phil 4:8).”

— Richard Foster, “Sanctuary of the Soul”

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