How to Behold the Lord — A Quote by Richard Foster in “Sanctuary of the Soul”

“Beholding the Lord speaks of an inward steady gaze of the heart upon God, the divine Center. We bask in the warmth of God’s presence. We soak in God’s love and care… We begin, says Guyon, by reading a passage of Scripture, but as we read, we pause. Guyon explains, ‘The pause should be quite gentle. You have paused so that you may set your mind on the Spirit. You have set your mind Christ.’ We need to remember, explains Guyon, that we are not reading the Scripture to gain some understanding but to ‘turn your mind from outward things to the deep parts of your being. You are not there to learn or to read, but . . . to experience the presence of your Lord!'”

“In God’s presence we behold the Lord. We are fully aware of God’s presence because, as Guyon teaches us, all outward senses have ‘become very calm and quiet.’ We are no longer focused on the surface thoughts of the mind; ‘instead, sweetly and silently, your mind becomes occupied with what you have read and by that touch of His presence.'”

— Richard Foster, “Sanctuary of the Soul”

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