Grace Movement and Confessing and Repenting of Sins

As I have tried to figure out the war of words over the “grace movement”, it seems that one of the issues is that of confession and repentance. Do we need to ask God for forgiveness when we sin? Do we need to confess our sins to God, even if we are already part of His family? Many in the grace movement say “no”. We are already forgiven. They say that verses that people use to support these ideas are for those who are not yet following Jesus.

As for me, I would say that I do not believe in dwelling on my sin, because it is a poor strategy for walking victoriously over sin. Yet this is what I know: intimacy with God is like intimacy in any relationship. If I do something to hurt the other person, I need to take steps to restore the relationship. God doesn’t stop being my Father if I sin, BUT, sometimes my sin makes the relationship awkward. Perhaps it is just me that feels awkward, but I think that sometimes God is offended, and He does want me to acknowledge how my actions have affected Him and our relationship. Confession and repentance seem to deal with that awkwardness and offense, and restores the relationship to normal.

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