God’s Vision for You is Established by God, Not Human Zeal — A Quote by Gary Wiens in “Bridal Intercession”

“There is a universal human misperception that causes us no small degree of pain and difficulty. This misperception is that belief that, once I have received a vision for my life, the fulfillment of that vision depends on me and my efforts… Aggressive striving is the attempt by the Christian with an unbelieving heart to produce by the energy of human zeal what God has promised to give by His grace. I have had a deep struggle with this over the course of my life…”

“My outward goal was to bless the body of Christ, but the underlying objective was the self-validation that comes from getting insights from the Holy Spirit… Much good fruit from that season endures to this day. There was [also]… a destructive trail of burned out and wounded people who got caught in my process of working out my vision…”

“[God] is quite willing to wait until our human zeal is dealt with, either burning itself out in the place of failure, or being addressed in the sweetness of His gentle encounters so that He can demonstrate His love for us when we have nothing to present to Him that would justify His affection and care. It is upon realizing that God loves us passionately and completely in the midst of our deepest failures that our hearts finally begin to receive His love. It is then that He can release that enabling power in us that fulfills His vision for our lives, a vision that can never be realized by our efforts, but only by His grace.”

— Gary Wiens, “Bridal Intercession: Authority in Prayer through Intimacy with Jesus”, pp 146,148-149

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