God’s Main Goal is to Capture Your Heart, Not to Get You to Obey — A Quote by John Burke in “Mud and the Masterpiece”

“Many people mistakenly believe that God’s goal is to get people to do the right things and stop doing wrong things (as if this has somehow all gotten out of his control!). Pharisees try to assist God by forcing, cajoling, or shaming people to obey… God wants our hearts even more than our obedience. If God primarily wanted our obedience, he would just make us obey. (He doesn’t need our permission or willingness to do that!) The reason he doesn’t force obedience is love. He is creating eternally loving creatures in the messy texture of free will. God wants our obedience for sure, but obedience flowing from hearts that freely love and willingly trust him. To all who realize life is broken, they’re sinful, and they need God’s help, he gives not what they deserve, but living water that produces a fertile garden of fruit growing from the inside out.”

— John Burke, “Mud and the Masterpiece”, Kindle location 1473, 1481

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