God’s Love is about Restoration, Not Condemnation — A Quote by Elaine Heath in “The Mystic Way of Evangelism”

“When we believe in and experience love as God’s meaning, love becomes our meaning, for we become like the God we worship. When love becomes our meaning, the ramifications for evangelism are immense. We are cleansed of legalism, judgmentalism, coercion, and exploitation. We are liberated so that we can now see the ‘total fact’ of others, which is so much more than their guilt and sin, or their wounds. This is not a sentimental, soft love. It is a tungsten power that respects others, says ‘no’ to injustice, and unflinchingly involves itself in the muck and mire of broken lives. We can love in this way only because God first loves us. As those who gaze day by day into the eyes of the One who sees us ‘with pity and not with blame,’ we are changed.”

— Elaine Heath, “The Mystic Way of Evangelism”, Kindle locations 435-440

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