God’s Goodness Includes Forgiveness and Punishment – A Quote by Paul Manwaring in “What on Earth is Glory”

“Goodness was the glory Moses knew. This was the glory Paul compared with the glory we know in the face of Christ. The glory Moses knew and the glory we know do not differ in nature, however, but in fullness of revelation. The glory we know in the face of Christ is also the revelation of the goodness of God. It is simply the full revelation of that goodness…”

“All of His actions flow from the same source—His goodness. We see clearly in this declaration [in Exodus 34:5-7] that God defines His compassion, forgiveness, and loving-kindness, as well as His punishment of the guilty, as expressions of His goodness. It is because He is good that He is gracious, slow to anger, and forgiving. It is because He is good that He does not leave the guilty unpunished…”

“In Christ, God forgave not some but all sin, transgression, and iniquity. In Christ, God fully punished the guilty, once and for all. And in Christ, through His resurrection, God brought us to life again, restoring us to relationship with Him, the source of life, and giving us a new heart and mind to know Him and reflect His likeness.”

Paul Manwaring, “What on Earth is Glory”, Kindle locations 628, 638, 706-709

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